Our Lady Of Mariapocs Shrine

The Shrine of Our Lady of Mariapocs was dedicated on July 25, 2009 in honor of our Hungarian Founding Fathers of Saint Stephen’s  Church.

The construction of the chapel was made possible through a donation made by Ann and Helen Csabay in loving memory of their late parents

Sophie and Joseph Csabay. The chapel is accessible 24 hours a day, Monday through Sunday via a passage that takes a visitor from William

Street directly to this sacred site. The central image of the Blessed Mother came from Her famous shrine in Mariapocs, Hungary. The angels came

from Mexico, the floor from Peru, the praying girl from Belgium, the stork from Poland, the pillars from the Dominican Republic and the beautiful

arrangement of wooden tulips from Holland. On the top of the roof – in its front section, a small chapel of Jesus has been installed – a gift from

Fr. John’s sister Margaret Przewoznik of Poland. The dedication of the chapel was conducted by His Excellency, Bishop Paul Bootkoski

of Metuchen, in the presence of Rev. John Szczepanik, Pastor of the Parish.